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Agile Transformation and Innovation


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Perfezionamento: formazioni lunghe - Università e politecnici

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Management, direzione

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Gestione aziendale / economia aziendale


7.616.28.0 - 7.616.35.0

Aggiornato il 09.01.2024


Descrizione della formazione

In a globalised market, only those enterprises and organisations that do not shy away from the fundamental social and technological changes but, rather, adapt as quickly as possible to the new underlying conditions and demands, have a chance of survival. Agile transformation and innovation management make enterprises and organisations adaptable so that they can react dynamically to external and internal circumstances.

With this CAS, you gain both knowledge about the concepts and theories around agile transformations and concrete application competencies for structuring and managing concrete strategies and implementations for agile transformation.

Le Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) est une formation postgrade donnée par les hautes écoles et elle équivaut à au moins 10 crédits ECTS.
1 crédit  ECTS correspond à environ 25-30 heures de travail.

Piano di formazione

  • M01 : Agility and agile transformation (2 ECTS)
  • M02 : Agile mindset (2 ECTS)
  • M03 : Agile leadership and empowerment (2 ECTS)
  • M04 : Agile innovation and organisational scaling (2 ECTS)
  • M05 : Design of the agile organisation (2 ECTS)


Condizioni d'ammissione

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a university or higher education institution in economic sciences, business information systems, business psychology, industrial engineering or business studies.


CHF 7'600.-



  • Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Agile Transformation und Innovation

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2x par an (février, septembre)


4 mois (15h/semaine)

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  • inglese


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