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Business and Technology, Spezialisierter Master

Master universitario

Universität Basel UNIBAS

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Basilea (BS)

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Descrizione della formazione

The specialized Master in Business and Technology is designed for students interested in a business degree that will prepare them for a management career in the age of information processing and digital technologies. The idea of the Master is that solving management problems requires some understanding of how modern technologies work, as well as communication and collaboration with experts in the field of information and communication technologies.

The Master in Business & Technology primarily prepares students to solve people-oriented problems in areas like marketing, human resources, strategy and organization, or management accounting & control in times, in which technological progress in general and digital transformation in particular have an enormous impact on firms and their functional areas.

Focal Area of Teaching and Research

The objective of the Master's program is reflected in the specialization modules offered, which provide for a combined study of key management disciplines and technology courses. A total of five specializations are offered:

The Human Resources module deals with central questions that arise in companies with regard to issues in human resource management (HRM). The focus is less on the administrative part, but more on the strategic part of HRM. Hence, HRM is seen as an essential part of corporate policy as a whole. In addition, students will learn about the influence of technological innovations on HRM.

The Marketing module develops your competence to achieve competitive advantage by designing customer value. The curriculum includes strategic models for marketing decision-making and allows for intensive study of psychology as an important foundation of marketing. To bridge the gap to the technology courses, the study of marketing tools includes course work on digital marketing.

In the Strategy & Organization module, students learn about the effects of technological progress on corporate and competitive strategies and to what extent these strategies in turn influence organizational structures and processes. Hence, you will learn the notions of structure follows strategy, and strategy follows technology. Technological progress is thus seen as a central determinant of strategic management, while organizational architecture is understood as an outcome of strategic decisions.

The courses to the module Management Accounting aim at educating students how to use information. There are two potential purposes of information provision within a firm. The first is to directly support management in its decision-making. The second is to motivate top-tier and mid-tier managers to take decisions that are in the best interest of the company owners. Illustrative examples will be typically from the other three business fields, HR, Marketing, or Strategy & Organization.

The Technology field module is a compulsory module with the aim of familiarizing students with technology concepts relevant to various application areas of information technology and business analytics. The thematic spectrum ranges from programming and basic computer science skills to the modeling and optimization of business processes and innovative areas of application, such as distributed ledger technology, blockchain, and smart contracts. An additional focus is on courses in the areas of data analytics and machine learning.

One or two business modules can be combined with the technology module.

Course Structure Master Studies

The study program entails achievements totaling 90 credit points of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and a statutory period of study of three semesters. Part-time study increases the duration of the program accordingly.

Piano di formazione

One ECTS credit point roughly equals 30 hours of studying.

Curriculum master studies ECTS
Master’s degree program Business and Technology
Fundamentals in Business and Technology 15
Business Fields & Technology Field (if the master’s thesis comprises of 30 ECTS: 39 ECTS) 45
Preparation Master Thesis 6
General Electives (only if the master's thesis comprises of 30 ECTS: 0 ECTS) 6
Master’s thesis 18 or 30
Total 90

Combinazione di indirizzi

There is no possibility to combine this master with other master programs.


Condizioni d'ammissione


Link verso l'ammissione


Application under; the application fee amounts to CHF 100.-. Application deadline for the fall semester is April 30, for the spring semester 30 November.


Universität Basel UNIBAS > Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät


Die Anmeldegebühr von CHF 100.- wird nicht rückerstattet, falls das Studium nicht aufgenommen wird.
Begründete verspätete Anmeldungen erfordern eine Zusatzgebühr von CHF 150.-


Pro Semester (auch für Prüfungssemester) ist eine Pauschale von CHF 850.- (+ CHF 10.- freiwilliger Beitrag für die Studierendenschaft skuba) einzuzahlen.
Hinzu kommen je nach Fachrichtung noch Auslagen für Studienliteratur sowie Lebenshaltungskosten.


  • Master università/politecnico

Master of Science in Business and Technology

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Luogo / indirizzo

  • Basilea (BS)

Svolgimento temporale


The Master in Business and Technology is designed as a 3 semester program starting in fall. However, registration is possible either in fall or spring semester.


The master in Business and Technology is designed as a 3 semesters program, which requires 90 ECTS points.

Modalità temporali

  • Tempo pieno

Lingua di insegnamento

  • inglese


Further information concerning the studies

General Information, including the Study Guide for the Master of Science in Business and Technology can be found at:  

Universität Basel UNIBAS > Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät

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Im Januar findet ein Infotag für Schulklassen statt.
Jeweils im September stellen sich die einzelnen Fächer an den Informationsabenden für Maturand/innen ("Live aus der Uni Basel") vor.
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