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Basilea (BS)

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Università e politecnici - Perfezionamento: formazioni lunghe

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Scienze umane, storia, filosofia - Teologia, religione, spiritualità

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Scienze delle religioni


9.731.29.0 - 6.830.7.0

Aggiornato il 28.02.2023


Descrizione della formazione

The media often reports about religiously motivated acts of violence. At the same time, throughout history, religions repeatedly contributed to peacebuilding. In the CAS Religion, Peace & Conflict you will reflect upon these ambivalences with experts from academia and practice and look into concrete case studies and peacebuilding approaches relating to religion.

Your benefits:

  • Learn about concrete methods of conflict analysis and discuss which roles religiously motivated actors play in conflict contexts
  • Get an overview of key terms and concepts regarding religion and explore ways in which religions can drive conflict and promote peace
  • Study conflicts with a religious dimension through case studies and learn about different peacebuilding approaches to transform these conflicts
  • Unpack contested notions such as „radicalization“ and „extremism”
  • Exchange experiences and become part of a community of practice

Our on-site and virtual courses are taught by highly experienced experts from different contexts and provide a platform for learning, reflection, and exchange among accomplished professionals and people who aspire to develop a career in peacebuilding.

Piano di formazione

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Religion, Peace & Conflict is offered annually and runs from fall to fall. It is composed of an Introductory Module to Peacebuilding and Conflict Analysis, a Thematic Module to explore the topic of Religion, Peace & Conflict (four courses) and a Concluding Module (Learning Portfolio and Concluding Day).

Our course offer spans a broad range of topics relevant for peacebuilding, including Dealing with the Past, Mediation, Gender, Religion, Peace & Conflict, Statehood & Institutional Reform, Business & Peace, and Conflict Sensitivity.

Find more information about the CAS framework.

Successful participants are awarded a Certificate of Advanced Studies. This program can be taken as one module (10 ECTS) of the Diploma and Master of Advanced Studies Peace & Conflict offered by swisspeace and the University of Basel.


Condizioni d'ammissione

This program is designed for practitioners and academics who are interested in religion as a factor in peace and conflicts and would like to draw on recent research findings and practical experiences.

A minimum of two years of professional experience in relevant fields and a university degree (minimum BA) or an equivalent educational background are required.


CHF 6'400.-

Travel, food and accommodation costs are not included in the fee.

Unfortunately, swisspeace does not provide any scholarships for this program. Participants (or their employer) must be able to cover the tuition fee.


  • Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Religion, Peace & Conflict, University of Basel

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  • Basilea (BS)

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September to August

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  • Tempo parziale

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  • inglese

A good command of English is required.


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Continuing Education Team
Kasernenhof 8
CH-4058 Basel

Tel. +41 61 551 56 56

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